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Simplify login to sponsor systems for

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A better way to securely store, organize, share, and access sponsor systems. Free from Veeva.

For sites

Free for research sites from Veeva

Do you store your sponsor systems, contacts, usernames and passwords in never-ending spreadsheets or on sticky notes? Stop! Launch Pad is a better way to organize and access your sponsor technology.

Manage passwords

Securely store and access usernames, passwords, and help desk contacts for your studies.

Share Study Profile

Share Study Profiles with your colleagues using a single link. A Study Profile contains the system information and help desk contacts for each study.

Quick entry with VeevaID

Single click entry into technology that uses VeevaID. It's like SSO.

How it works

Step 1: Log in with your VeevaID

If you don’t have a VeevaID, not a problem. The first time you try to log in, you will be prompted and guided to create one.

Step 2: Create a Study Profile

Click “Create Study Profile” to add your first study. The only required field is study name, but you may add other information about the study.

Step 3: Add systems

In your Study Profile, click “Add system.” Add the system name, URL, username and password, and the help desk contact information. Rinse and repeat!

Step 4: Log in to sponsor systems

For VeevaID systems, use single-click quick entry to access sponsor study systems. For non VeevaID systems, copy and paste your username and passwords.


How much does Launch Pad cost for sites?
Launch Pad is free for sites. Really. There is no upsell. Your data is not sold. There are no advertisers. Launch Pad is part of Veeva’s public benefit objective to make clinical trials more efficient.
When I share a Study Profile am I sharing my usernames and passwords?
No. If you, or anyone else, enter a username and password in a Study Profile, the information is not shared with others when you share the Study Profile.
Does my site need an account before I get started?
No. There is no admin and no configuration. Any individual who works in clinical research at any site can sign up on this website for free.

It's free from Veeva

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